Frank's Leather Jacket (Research)

This screen capture shows off quite a few patches. Currently, I'm working on a non-swastika version of the eagle on his left sleeve - which looks to me to be non-metallic gold.

This jacket style has been reproduced by the original manufacturer - Lewis Leathers - they are known for their red quilted lining.  Look for the Plainsman, Style #393.  The fringe will need to be removed from the front and back (as Frank''s was).


  1. that patch under neath the flag is really irritating me i have managed to source & ID every other patch on his jacket except that one!!

  2. Someone suggested to me that it was where a patch perhaps came off, and it's the glue remnants - which explains the single-color crescent-blob shape. I actually have something designed for that space (non-SA) to debut at the 4.7.11 con. It's kinda silly :)

  3. Replies
    1. It looks like a Robot face, I think it is Bibendum better known as the Michelin Man.The Michelin company made bicycle tyres first which is why he is white,they added asphalt later when they made tyres for cars and motorcycles,this made the rubber black,there is also either a 2 or a 3 at the top centre of the patch.I have been trying to figure this out for 34 years one of the cast members years ago thought it might be an eight ball on its side,these are only two of what I imagine are thousands of guess's.Take another look and see what you think.

    2. Even on the Blu-ray it's lacking definition when the patch below it is crystal clear. I'm still inclined to think it was the remnants of something ripped off - and some of his other patches are only partially attached. It might have been something inappropriate for the film - they removed the Mao badge on the front, not sure if it was because of it's reflective nature or it's content. Most of Frank's other clothes have holes and rips as well, so it's not out of context for something to be ripped off and/or damaged.

    3. That being said, anything's possible of course! I think it's just a great opportunity to personalize your own jacket. At the 4.7.11 con I sold "Ron Maxwell Approved" patches that were of an appropriate size to use there. :)


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