Eagle (Nazi) Patches on Frank's Jacket

This is my replica of the Nazi patch on Frank's left sleeve, minus the swastika. The embroidered area is about 4" across. I used a metallic gold thread because most extant examples I've found online were metallic, despite Frank's looking dingy and matte (it would have been at least 30 years old during filming).

The Eagle on the bottom of his Right sleeve may have been metallic silver. The example I found online says it's embroidered in silver even though it still looks like a dingy white (below).  I've been using white and I've replaced the swastika with a skull, as there are examples of this design with a skull directly below the Swastika.

It's likely the skull & crossbones patch on his right sleeve is also of Nazi origin.

Nazi Eagle design with skull
Original Nazi Luftwaffe patch,
silver thread on black felt.


  1. silly question, can you make this with a swastika for SA purposes?

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