FAQ & Info

How do I place an order?
I am no longer accepting orders for custom work. I have moved on to other ventures, but I am still available for any questions you may have making costumes.

What are you working on now?
Since 2018 I have been making German "trachten" and accessories that I sell at German festivals across Texas. In 2020 I took a certification course for sewing machine repair. 

Where do you get your materials?
Rocky costumes are tricky because the materials are so specific and I strive to be as consistent as possible. I go to great lengths to match my fabrics and buy the bolt when I can.  Most come from specialty shops or I buy online.  It just takes a lot of hunting and perseverance.  Etsy and eBay often have some good finds.

What if it doesn't fit?
(Even though I'm no longer taking custom orders I'm leaving this on my page forever for those who may still need to reference it).
If the garment does not coincide with the measurements provided I will exchange or refund it provided the costume is returned unworn and does not smell like smoke.  If the garment does not fit because you measured yourself poorly then I will consider an exchange or alterations on an individual case basis. 

About me
Bel-Air 1992
The first time I saw Rocky was in September of 1987.  I had just started my freshman year of high school and found out a cute boy I was crushing on would be there.  The theater didn't allow people to run around in their underwear and costumes were scarce.  Mostly it was just a lot of chaos and call lines.  Within a few months I learned there was another show in town - one that did dress up and had sold out shows.   I performed at the Bel-air theater for the next 5 years.

Costumes were still a mixed bag - a lot of people just wore whatever funky outfit they had.  I wanted to look just like the screen.  I had limited exposure to what other casts looked like (inside cover of the vinyl soundtrack).  Friends on the cast also employed my skills.

Vegas, 2000
My second year of college I moved on to Austin where I performed briefly, then on to Chicago where I only performed a couple times.  I was majoring in Costume Design but spent most of my weekends with a boyfriend in Wisconsin or interning at professional theaters (Steppenwolf, Shakespeare Rep, Ballet Chicago).

I eventually made my way back to Houston in 1998 and began performing again.  Jef R. and I formed The Beautiful Creatures cast which ran until 2001.  During that time I had performed Columbia's floorshow in the EC2000 con and the Friday night line-up at the 25th anniversary in Vegas.  My personal life took a hard hit in 2002 losing first my grandmother, then my home.  My budding attempts at entrepreneurship were a bust that was further exacerbated by outside involvement.

River Oaks, 2005
But that failure had a lot to do with my regrouping.  I began making costumes again and in 2005 I reformed The Beautiful Creatures with fellow Bel-air alumni Jim C. We ran the show for another 6 years until we officially retired after Halloween of 2011.  I became more involved in the Rocky Community and began attending conventions again. At the 4711 con in 2011 I was awarded the Boss Award for my contributions to the community.  Nowadays I guest perform on occasion and sell my costume accessories at conventions.  I will continue to maintain this site and welcome guest entries from anyone else.

You can read more about my performance and convention history on my Rocky Horror Wiki page