Frank's Coat of Arms Badge

I know this is a really tiny detail, but I've invested a lot of time trying to figure it out so I'm going to share what I have so far.

The blue chevron is flanked by red chevrons.  The charges look like a calligraphic "S" in the field area and 3 English rose charges on the chevron.  It reads "Adoremus Dominum" across the bottom, but I can't make out the top at all.
Also, here are some of the symbols explained:
  Adoremus Dominum - "Let us adore God"
  Blue - Truth and loyalty
  Chevron - Protection; Builders or others who have accomplished work of faithful service
  Letter (S) - May represent great battles or tournaments beginning with that letter<
  Red - Warrior or martyr; Military strength and magnanimity
  Rose -  Mark of the seventh son
  Silver -  Peace and sincerity

Other research that yielded nothing useful...

Curry family crest:  X
Royal Navy Chaplain crest:  X

Kingswood boarding school in Bath, their motto is "In Via Recta Celeriter" ("quickly in the way of a straight line").

University of Birmingham, their motto is "Per Adua ad Alta" ("the steep slope to the deep").

It was suggested the "S" on the emblem may represent the House of Stewart, of which there are many crests, but most all the branches seem to feature a blue and white checkerboard.