Mao Badge

I had a handful of Mao badges made.  If there's interest, I will order more.  Ultimately, I'm hoping to have other badges reproduced.  The reproductions won't be valuable like the originals, but I think people will feel a lot more comfortable wearing them on stage.

Mao Badge eBay listing (8/17/2012)

The Chairman Mao badge doesn't actually appear in the film, though you can see it on Frank's jacket in the Mick Rock photos.  I suspect it was removed because, as a large, flat object, it reflected the set lighting.  That's my best guess.  I doubt there were any political issues since he has a Nazi swastika on his sleeve.

Still, it's a nice piece of Rocky trivia and something unique for the Frank who has "everything".  Especially if you're looking to fill up your jacket.

Chairman Mao Zedung was a controversial 20th century figure. If you've ever wondered more about Warhol's piece, I found this on -

"Andy Warhol was in love with fame," said Gorvy. "At the moment in history, 1971-72, it was the reopening of China to the West. China was creating new relations with America. Nixon had gone over to China so Chairman Mao's image was everywhere and Warhol captured that. He understood ... that it was famous not just for that moment but famous forever." 
The auction house said "Mao" constituted Warhol's first political portrait, successfully paving the way for a number of other political portraits and subjects including "Lenin" and "Hammer and Sickle." 
"He chose Mao because he really was the most famous person in the world at that particular moment," said Gorvy.

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