Frank's Sweet T Corset (Research)

Frank's corset is one of Sue Blane's unique master-pieces.  It seems like a simple deal, but the straps are deceptively closer in the front (which emphasizes Tim's masculine shoulders) and then attach far apart in the back - almost in the armpits!  You just can't achieve this look with a simple scoop-neck tank.

By my count, the corset has 12 (maybe 13?) sets of eyelets - and the 7th and 8th sets are closer together (typical of Victorian style corsets that laced separately from the top and bottom and tied together in the middle).

Frank's laces start at the bottom and tie off at the 2nd set of eyelets (the first is left unlaced); but there is no connecting lace between the bottom two eyelets so you'll want to cut and knot the ends before lacing up.  Once you've adjusted your laces  to fit I recommend tying a double-knot under the bow.

The corset - like most of Frank's wardrobe - looks distressed and worn.   Some sequins have fallen off and left shiny glue remnants of their existence, and the original binding along the top edge (still visible down the center front and bottom) has been removed exposing the white lining and a slightly frayed edge.  It also looks like some boning has been removed, though you can still see the channels.  Judging by the way the fabric wrinkles, I think the only boning left in the corset is along the eyelets in the center front.

I have separate blog entries for my Research on the SequinsEmbellishing Frank's Corset and Frank's Corset Pattern (which I need to adjust the eyelet placements).


  1. If my info is correct, The corset was chosen because Tim wore it on stage in "The Maids", which added a bit of meaning. Not only was it distressed from being dragged through two separate Theatre shows, but it was used ironically as the black corset itself in the former play symbolised the character's restrictions but here it showed Frank's liberation of society's values.

  2. I found a photo! Him wearing it in "The Maids"

  3. Wow, awesome photo, thanks so much for sharing that! I always wondered WHAT "The Maids" was about, and why it had a man in a corset.

  4. I have a vague idea; two housekeepers plot the death of their mistress in a series of sadistic fantasies. The playwright intended the roles of the women to be played by men. (Something Tim couldn't escape, hey?)
    They're doing a revival of it in Sydney next years; I really hope to see it if I'm not too skint (just in the process of applying for univeristy...)


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