Frank's Corset Pattern

This is version 1.0 because it is my first attempt at sharing a pattern. My drafting skills are a little rough around the edges, and I downright stink at trying to write out directions. You'll need a little bit of sewing know-how (how to use bias tape, and how to install a zipper). All seam allowances given are ½". The top edge is designed to be left raw to expose the lining, and I would just stay-stitch that. The center front and bottom edges should be edged with double-fold bias tape. Boning channels can be created in any seam by stitching the seam allowance down and inside the center front channel. You can treat the fabric and lining as one - you can even cut them out together. You will of course, need to cut 2 of every piece. I strongly recommend making a mock-up out of some scrap fabric so you can work out any adjustments or alterations.

Download options:
Size 38
Size 40

For about $4 you can submit your .pdf online to Kinko's to be printed full size. If you encounter any errors, or have any thoughts on how I can improve this design please feel free to contact me. Eventually I would like to make more of my patterns available and offer more sizes.


  1. Hi There,

    Do you have any ideas on how you can alter this costume so that it can fit a woman? I would love to have a corset that accounts for boobs, but also looks screen accurate.


  2. Just add a slight princess curve the front side seams.

  3. Yes! But they run a little short in the torso, so if you're tall you'll definitely want to follow the instructions to lengthen it a little :)

  4. Hi, thank you for all the advice you give!
    I have to sew this corset for a friend of mine (female, but she has tiny boobs so the alteration needed will be minimum) and I wondered if the sizes of the pattern are European, Italian, French or something else...

    Thank you in advance, keep up the wonderful work you're doing!

    ps: sorry for my bad English

  5. The measurements correspond to chest size in inches. A 38" chest would be 96.5 cm.

  6. I've never thanked you for posting this pattern!

    I had a hell of a time having it printed... no body seemed to understand what was necessary or they kept giving me outrageous prices. My crazypants figured out that if I put it on my screen 100% zoom then I could actually just put paper over the screen and lightly traced the pattern off of it. It was actually surprisingly simple and worked like a charm.

    I took that then lengthened it 4" (crazy tall) and took it in a little bit, and I have an amazing Sweet T corset!

    Anyway, thanks again!!

  7. Sorry about the printing, but I'm so glad you got it worked out! It's hard to provide printing instructions that will work across the board (so many platforms/software!!)

    I think I paid about $4 to get it printed from a roll at Kinko's. Otherwise you can just set your printer to print 100% (not "fit to page") and then tape the pages together.

  8. hi, I made the corset using your pattern a couple of years ago for a party we had. I had such a hard time finding a pattern and luckily came accross your site. I enlarged the size b4 printing and when printed I just taped the paper together and then traced it onto pattern paper. The corset turned out amazing. It was trial and error as I've never attempted a corset b4 and I'm not much of a sewer. Thank you so much for the pattern. I had so many compliments on the corset and my partner loved wearing it. I am about to make him another one for a costume party in a coupel of weeks. This time its for a Devils outfit designed by my partner. Thanks again for making it possible to make this awesome costume.

  9. If you wouldn't mind sharing - what computer program do you use to draft your patterns? - I've been interested in maybe purchasing some pattern drafting software - would love some recommendations...

    1. This one was actually done in Photoshop (huge pain). I have since purchased Cameo 5.0 from Wild Ginger and I am loving it! I will be releasing Janet's dress patterns soon.