Embellishing Frank's Corset

I made this in the wrong size so it became a perfect candidate for a demo.  There is boning down the center front, and some additional boning in the side fronts (though it looks like Tim's no longer has any boning there, it's just to help it last longer and wear better).  The underarm seams are left raw to expose the white lining, though you could bind them if you prefer.

I used black, fuchsia, dark blue, teal and silver sequins in the smallest size (I would avoid red and gold).  I applied liberal dots of glue all over concentrating the density closer to the edges.  Initially I placed one sequin on each glue dot.  Then realizing at that pace I would be at it for the next 14 hours, I decided to dump a handful of mixed sequins onto the glue drops, shake it all around, and let the sequins cluster naturally; it looks more  natural.  I would imagine a performer may need to repeat the process as needed - I'm sure over time they may start to flake off.  But I think that's what is going to give it that "worn in" look that Tim's seems to have.

I think mine could use even more embellishing!! 


  1. It's hard to tell from the photo, what glue did you use to do this?

  2. That's liquid fusion, but there's quite a few good gem glues out there that are designed to dry clear between fabrics and gemstones/sequins. I like a lot of Aleen's products, too!


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