Other Sellers

Though I am not currently making Rocky Horror costumes, I am always glad to support others who do!  Some folks specialize in only one thing, and some can do it all.  I'm glad to add anyone to the list (just contact me), but I cannot vouch for anyone else's quality, accuracy or work ethic.  If you're unsure who you're buying from I recommend asking for references. I will do my best to comb through this list regularly to keep it up to date (links last verified 7/26/17).

** Due to my idiocy, this page was accidentally deleted. I was able to recover an earlier version from Archive.org but it does not have the recent sellers I have added.  Please contact me if you're one of them so I can restore the info.

Edge Creations
They've been around for a while and usually have a vendor table at conventions where you can see their work first-hand.

Castle Corsetry
Lauren is a very accomplished corset-maker in Los Angeles.  She offers Columbia's sequin bustier, Floorshow corsets, and Frank corsets in her Etsy shop.

Double Feature Designs
Their Etsy store features Space Suits, Gold Sequin Tailcoats, and something from just about every character in the show.

These pages seem to be inactive.  Please contact me if this is incorrect. 

And Sew
Page seems inactive since 2018 (as of Feb 2021).

From Rags To Rocky
Page seems inactive since 2018 (as of Feb 2021).

Bruise Violet Boas 
Page seems inactive since 2018 (as of Feb 2021).

Etsy shop featuring a few pieces of Rocky Horror costuming (Columbia's bow tie, Magenta's maid dress). Her Etsy store also says you can contact her for commissions.

Rocky's Locker 
Russ specializes in Columbia, Floorshow, Frank, and Brad's Accessories.  Page seems inactive since 2018 (as of Feb 2021).

Purple Onion Costuming
Page seems closed (as of Feb 2021)