Columbia's Magazine

If you were at TCJ2 convention last weekend you probably already saw these.  After spending a ridiculous amount of time tracking this down, I finally got my hands on one and had the cover reproduced.  I'm working on Magenta's as well and should have that available in a week or two.  The cover is a little on the stiff side, but as a prop it will definitely last longer that way.  You can do a single bend down the spine, or a double bend depending on what magazine you want to re-cover.  I used a Vogue knitting magazine - it might take a few tries to find the perfect size, but it is common (17" x 10.8").  I used the edge of my kitchen counter to get a crisp fold (measure against your magazine, not the page's design.)

I'll have them listed for sale soon, and will offer a special with Magenta's "Movie Mirror" combined.

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