Columbia's Magazine (Research)

Several years ago (2005) I started searching through past issues of Movie Life magazine to try to find the exact issue Columbia is reading when Dr. Scott rolls through her room.  The project...  grew.  I have a spreadsheet of every issue from 1956 (when they changed their title to the all caps font) through the end of filming (1974).  I marked off every issue that I checked, as well as which ones had similar color schemes.  In fact, I eliminated 94.7% of all issues in that time frame.

With the BluRay I could see a few more details - like Bobby Darin's name above the title.  This narrowed my time frame considerably.   I knew I was looking for something between 1958 and 1964ish.   My spreadsheet was only missing 3 issues in that time frame - and bam!  It's April 1961.  And apparently quite rare, so I won't get my hopes  up of finding one.  But if I ever do, I promise that I'll have the cover reproduced to share with all the Columbias of the world!

I bet somebody else already knew this, right?  Larry?  Ruth?  I'm sure I did this the hard way.  Either way, I'm sharing what I know now (because surely someone else was clueless, too!)

Magenta is reading 'Movie Mirror' - also from April 1961.   Both magazines have articles about Bobby Darin.

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