Celluloid Jam 2 Write Up!

Photo credit: Randy T.
Had a BLAST at The Celluloid Jam 2 convention earlier this month!  My husband and I drove 16 hours   straight to Cincinatti on Wednesday so we could hit the ground running on Thursday.  Karaoke was hella fun and we were surprised how many people wanted to get up and sing and wish we had more time to fit everyone in - I honestly thought it would be like pulling teeth to get people up there.  So we mixed in more karaoke with Friday's DJ stuff.

Photo credit: Randy T.
Congratulations to JefF N. of Chicago on winning this year's Boss Award - creator of the Ultimate Rocky Horror Links page and an accomplished event photographer - be sure to check out his photo archives.

I participated in a costume forum with Ruth Fink-Winter and Jaimie Froemming and demonstrated how you can make your own custom corset pattern with duct tape (thanks Wally!) 

And in an effort to out-do my Top Hat raffle from the 4711 convention last year, this year I raffled a Frank Leather Jacket with all the patches I make, leather fringe down the sleeves, chains and studs.  There were 473 tickets and Kristin E. of Indiana was the winner!  

I enjoyed seeing all my Rocky friends and meeting so many new ones, too!

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