Duct Tape Pattern

I've yet to come across a suitable pattern to create a Frank corset. I think his is actually a medical corset worn backwards. Can't find those very often, either.
You'll need a friend (that you trust) to help you with this. First, cover your torso with a plastic bag. Next, using strips of duct tape, cover the torso - snugly. If you raise your arms above your head, you're going to reduce your chest size.

Draw on the corset and any seams you want to make a note of. Make a mistake? Slap on some more tape and draw it again. Then carefully cut the duct tape form off.

Cut out your pieces and flatten them on some scrap fabric. Carefully trace the pattern shapes and add seam allowance where necessary.
Corset in a hurry? Replace the plastic bag with a tight-fitting cotton t-shirt and repeat the same duct tape process - using black duct tape! Trim out your design without creating any seams, split it up the front, and use a hole punch to make the eyelet holes. The cotton shirt will make a comfortable lining and won't unravel.


  1. Goddamn you are smart. Seriously. Duct tape!

  2. would make great armor for a Ren Fair!

  3. It's an old pattern trick. But yeah, it would be awesome to make a suit of armor out of duct tape!! Or even a Wizard of Oz tin man!


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