New Patch Series

Over the past few weeks I've added new embroidered patches.  The Roxy patch was first - and it was actually a design I had played around with a few yeas ago when I first got my first embroidery machine.  The Riff was second - and it's kind of a combination to get the right effect.  The window shape and lightning bolt are screen grabs  from Over At The Frankenstein Place, but Riff's face is actually pulled from the door scene (wasn't sharp enough in OTFP).  Frank was hard.  I really wanted a Frank design, but a lot of the images just weren't translating well for me (his hair was often a problem).  Sometime after Halloween I'll try to get more characters represented. I'm also working on a custom design for a cast, and if that turns out well might be something I can offer other casts.

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