Space Glove (WIP)

It's pretty easy to find silver costume gloves, but if you want to make your own, most of the major pattern companies have glove patterns - choose a basic style suitable for 2-way stretch fabric. Silver spandex is easy to find around Halloween time. You'll need a machine that can handle a very narrow seam allowance with precision.

I design my gloves to connect with the gauntlet by velcro on the back of the hand - you could also use a large snap. Once the gauntlet is connected to the back of the hand, it will feel wobbly, but stay very much in place.
For the gauntlet I cut a 13" x 13" square (I would go a little larger for men) of stiff vinyl and cotton lining. Then one corner is reduced to accommodate the hand.

Sew the velcro (or a snap) in place to the lining. Then with right sides together, sew up the shortened corner and turn right side out. Press (with a press cloth - never let the iron touch the vinyl). This will give you a finished edge around the wrist opening. Apply the gold extra-wide double fold bias tape across the long sides (sew or glue). Sew the gauntlet on the remaining shortened sides to make the "tube".

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