Space Suit Quilting

This is my best estimate at the quilted pattern on the space suits.  Riff & Magenta's seem identical.  The red lines indicate where the space wings and belt cross (and partially obstruct) the pattern.

This scale works well with the quilted gold lamé sold by Hancock's (sadly, they went out of business in 2016), though you'll need to make custom adjustments for larger sizes.

There is something hard to discern on the lower back.  A kind of shaping, maybe?  The best I've been able to address it is to create a separate piece of quilting and overlay it.  You can view my research in this blog post.


  1. This was very helpful in making my costume! Do you have a pattern for the vinyl wings?

    1. Not yet, but i've been working on it. Just not happy with my results so far.

    2. Any chance for an update on the wings? I'm so very impressed with the rest of your costume!

  2. yeah, I need to post some basic info. I mean, I've never been completely satisfied, but they are definitely like a fat-boomerang shape, connected at the shoulder and belt (but not the chest and back).