Frank's Cape

These are the results I got with modifying Simplicity's cape pattern #2499 (might be discontinued, but check eBay). I widened the center back panel so that I could accommodate the pleating.  It also widened the hem some.  My finished hem was just short of 18' - that's a big cape!!

I used Baroque Satin and silver lamé fabric.  The collar has an inner layer of fusible Pellon 71F Peltex.  I bag lined the entire cape - which means I sewed the sides and bottom with right sides together like a pillow case before attaching the collar.  The hem is completely closed in.

My preference is to not put a closure on the front, but if you're wearing it outside the show you can easily add a large hook and loop or tie strings.


  1. Would LOVE to have this in my collection. Beautiful. Wonder how much the fabric cost to make it. I'm a bigger dude. Xxxl. Would it fit?

    1. I don't take commissions for costumes any more, but I can help you ballpark the price.

      You can usually get a cape pattern on sale for 99 cents (they frequently go on sale). If it's discontinued it may be a few dollars more on eBay. The pattern referenced above goes up to an XL but an experienced tailor could make the necessary modifications.

      Size XL, without modifications or an expanded back panel, calls for 10 yards of satin. You'd need the same for the silver lining. A lightweight satin runs around $4/yd. About the same for the lamé. So you'd be looking at roughly $80 in fabric. Add in the pattern, notions, and something to stiffen the collar - you'll come in around $100 for all the materials.

      I've no idea what the going rate of tailors are these day, but I'd be surprised if you found a professional under $20/hr. I'd expect an experienced seamstress to be able to cut and sew this in around 4 hours - plus any additional time charged for measurements and fittings.

    2. Mina, thank you so much! You've been a huge help. I've actually been following you since the olden days. I think Kim Shaffer was making RH costumes then too. I bought a few pieces from Shawn Anthony about 15 years ago. At last I'm joining a shadow cast. Then when I move to Orlando, I'll be in one then. As Frank. Obviously. I know you no longer take commissions, but would you ever sell this particular piece as is? You and Ruth are the few I trust, and I'm worried about getting the right costume sizes. I looked at Edge Creations and though everything's not 100%, it looks legit. Any advice? Love to your work and thanks for the response!