Janet's Necklace (Research)

Name necklaces are easier than ever to find online, especially thanks to Sex & The City.  Janet's script necklace connects to the chain at the 'J' and 't'.  The chain is probably about 16" - 18".

Janet's 'J' doesn't have any sharp corners - it's rounded at the top and bottom.  The Sears version is the closest I've seen, but it's still not identical.  It's also twice the price of most eBay options - though everything I found on eBay had the sharp 'J'.  If you're not that picky about the 'J' then you can find one on eBay for about $25.

18k gold plated
Has rounded 'J'
sku: 16538
$59.95 (on 10/6/2013)

18k Gold-Plated Silver Name NecklaceMy Name Necklace
18k gold plated
Has sharp 'J'
$49.95 (though many cheaper options on eBay that look like this)

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  1. Colleen S. passed on a great find to me - "Janet" style necklace for $19. The top of the J has a very nice rounded top, but the bottom of the J should also have a loop with space inside. But I don't think you can beat the price for something this close. I have placed an order for one so I'll post pictures of the results when it arrives!


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