New Gold Sequin Fabric Acquired!

With many thanks to Fred Olderr - I have some more gold sequin fabric.  It's a bit darker than the last batch, and I've had this color before and still think it looks fab.  I'll probably be able to get 3 Tail Coats and Top Hats out of it - and I'm just going to make them Small/Medium/Large and list them for sale here on my site when they are done (probably after Halloween because I've got a lot on my plate).  Anything left over will just become more Top Hats (and mini Top Hats!).  
It looks nearly copper in this photo, but my phone's camera leans towards the reds.  I can send a swatch to anyone who may be interested in purchasing a Tail Coat or Top Hat.
This fabric was very popular for dancewear and Disco.  I don't think it's being produced any more, so mostly what you'll find are mill close-outs and old lots that have been lying around in random fabric shops for a couple decades.  It's really a crapshoot.  Larry is looking into reproducing it, but the cost is a major consideration and we're not sure what the demand is.  If you think you'd be interested in purchasing some from Larry - please let him or me know and that may help get things rolling.


  1. I'm dying for a top hat and coat! I submitted an order to you ages ago but then you stopped taking orders and I never knew if that meant you'd finish your remaining orders or not... Let me know when these become available!

    1. Yes! Can you email me at SewEccentric@yahoo.com so I can make sure to make one in your size? Also, I can send you a swatch of the new color if you like.

  2. You say they'll done after Halloween, but is that even if you get a special order for a coat and top hat? (I ask because I'm interested.) Also, how much would they be?

  3. I am also interested in a top hat and coat! I was looking into making one myself but haven't had the time!

  4. Want tophat and coat!

  5. Am in the process of looking for either a tophat and tail coat for my daughter or the material to make one. Any help would be appreciated. Pam Brown-Steffen, Michigan :tokala1@juno.com

  6. http://columbiascloset.blogspot.com/2014/01/gold-sequin-fabric.html


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