I've mentioned glue in a lot of my posts.  I don't think I could make costumes without it.  Here's a run-down of my favorites:

  • Tacky Glue - this is great for positioning things that you want to secure before you sew them down; things like zippers, perfectly straight ribbons on Columbia's shorts, and the white flower buttons on Janet's pink dress.  This glue dries clear and is water soluble so you can wash it out later if you like.  When working with ribbons, a thin smear is all you need.
  • Spray Glue - there are several varieties, all good.  I use this when I want to spray-mount one fabric onto another - like a satin on top of a heavy twill to make corsets.  A light spray will make it easy to work with and reposition your layer as needed.  I also use this to mount the sequin fabric onto Columbia's bustier.
  • Jewel-it - ideal for rhinestones and sequins onto fabric (i.e. Floorshow corsets).  It's not as stringy as other glues, so you can get a neat 'dot' of glue exactly where you want it.
  • Fabric Fusion - this is like liquid sewing.  Unlike Tacky glue, this is meant to be permanent on fabrics.  I use this to put Columbia's bow on her hat and other small projects.  It's nice to have, but not as necessary as the other glues listed here.
  • Amazing Goop /or/ e6000 - This is more of a "prop" than "costume" glue.  I use it to put rhinestones on tap shoes, patches on Frank's jacket and any other permanent project.  I've also used it in place of the Jewel-It and Fabric Fusion glues in a pinch.  

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