Proposal Suit (research)

For being such a short scene, you actually get a lot of good views of her jacket.  The fabric looks to me like polyester Gabardine, but any mid-weight, wrinkle-resistant fabric would work fine.  The jacket has princess seams (front and back) and 6 fabric-covered buttons (I use 1-1/8").  The buttons can be faked with snaps  hidden under the row nearest the edge.  Which by the way, those buttons are very near the edge. The  middle row of buttons should be at or above the fullest part of the bust line or it might look droopy and sad.

The collar has that 70s look to it and you'll notice the buttons don't line up perfectly under it.   The collar is probably on straight, it's the overlap that doesn't go far enough over.

The jacket has a cropped, boxy look to it.  When her hands go up you can see an undershirt (probably for warmth on the cold day of shooting).  The "long" sleeves end before her wrists - though if you'll be wearing your pink dress underneath, you may choose to add enough length to hide the gingham cuffs.

There is a tuck at the top of each sleeve cap.  Normally when sleeves are set, they are eased into the armscye.  This actually makes the whole process easier and you can just make a pleat with the 'leftover' fabric that is always so hard to ease.

The skirt is a 6-panel A-line.  The zipper goes on the left side, but there are times when her skirt gets twisted  and looks like it's in the back.  The waistband is between 1" - 2".  If you're going to wear your pink dress under this do not wear the belt - it will show.

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