Columbia's Bow Tie (Research)

Bright pink sequin bow tie - sequins seem to be on the front only.  It's pretty easy to find a matching satin for the backside.  Black band - looks like a scrunchy band of satin to me, but I've seen a lot of Columbia's use a black elastic sequin band for this and it looks fabulous.  The added benefit of a satin band is that it won't get hung up on your tail coat's collar.

I'm not certain the top photo is actually from the film - but I think it was taken during filming (probably a Mick Rock photo?)  The band definitely looks satin here to me - but if it's not from the film it could have changed (as other things did).

The second photo is a screen grab and does lend itself to the sequin band theory a bit more.  This photo also shows the underside of her tail coat lapel is gold (not black).

And the last shot is a screen grab just to show the size and shape from a straight-on view.  Don't make it too small - that thing goes ear to ear!

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