Frank's Shoes (Tutorial)

Finding the right shoe
The chunk heel and platform are the most important features when searching for a suitable shoe.  The rest can be modified.  Color doesn't matter; focus on shape. Pleaser has a lot of shoes and frequently runs in large sizes, check out Snaz75.com for a huge selection.  Several versions of their "Dolly" shoe can be modified quite easily.

Cutting the toe open (if needed)
Neither leather nor pleather will fray.  Carefully cut out the toe area with a blade.  Straps can also be moved if needed, but it might be better to have a shoe repair shop stitch that down for you.  Since women's feet are typically narrower than men's, you may also need to install an elastic gusset on the vamp like Tim's.

Painting the shoe
The sole should be black; paint if necessary or your finished shoe will look weird.  Paint the outside heel area white (use tape to protect the shoe upper, sole and the heel tip).  Spray paint is easiest.  The lining of the shoe is silver.

Adding glitter
I prefer Super-77 spray glue by 3m, but if you're going to spray you need to conceal the other areas really well with tape, etc.   I also recommend covering your work area with a paper grocery bag to catch the excess glitter.  When you sprinkle the glitter on the glued area, press the glitter in firmly.  Tap the shoe on the table/counter to get the excess off.  I did the black areas first, then very carefully did the white heels.  The straps do not have glitter on them.

Cover the shoes with multiple thin layers of a clear coat.  This will minimize any further glitter shedding.  The key word here is thin.  If you spray too many layers too quickly, or too thickly, it will turn yellow and dull and pretty much ruin everything you've done.

Adding rhinestones
Use e6000 or any jewel-tack glue to apply the clear rhinestones to the heel.

If you're lucky to find one on other shoes you've got it made.  I haven't even had much luck on eBay or Etsy.  You can at least paint the existing buckles silver (if they aren't already) and glue some tiny rhinestones on the top bar until something better comes along.

Heel covers
I've never experimented with heel covers (to consolidate the shoe change between Sweet T and the Lab Scene), but I've heard of some pretty clever solutions that seem to work well - and please feel free to add any tips in the comment section!


  1. I prefer to use glitter paint. Craft Twinkles makes several colours, the multi and the crystal look really good on Frank's shoes. These are basically glitter suspended in acrylic medium, and do not shed much at all once the paint dries.

    The stones on the heels might be blue and green, but it is difficult to tell.

    The close-up of the vamp while Frank is on the throne with Columbia in the background reveal black stones mixed in with the glitter on the black part of the shoes.

    1. Ooh, awesome idea! I have some photos for the supplemental research post, but I'll see if I can get some from the blu-ray, too - especially of the vamp! I never noticed that before :)

  2. Ha! I used the exact same brand of glitter for my shoes, glued on with Aleene's Jewel-It. Then I covered mine in Mod Podge and they shed very little, if at all. I thought of using the glitter paint, but for some reason I had my heart set on using glitter with round pieces, instead of square/rectangular ones.

    I still have yet to put any stones on them, though, and I plan on making white heel covers.

    1. I think the chunky glitter looks more vintage-y than some of the powdery stuff out there now. I got that from Jo-Ann's. Let me know how the shoe covers work!

    2. I love this! The shoe I found is actually called 'Prom Shoe' you can find it here. http://snaz75.com/el-557-lea.html

      Only $34, pretty cheap, plus it comes in different colors too.

  3. I had a hunch that the white parts had a few blue and green jewels - not all, but a minor scattering.

    1. I've seen some "iridescent" glitter have those colored effects. The colored jewels would definitely be gorgeous.

  4. Love this site Mina.. You are a real guru :)

    I've bought coarse glitter in black and white and some stick on Rhinestones, which I will actually glue in place.

    I'll use Evo-Stick (UK) for the glitter, as it is excellent for decorating shoes because it is flexible and stick stuff like s@#t to a blanket! I believe an equivalent in the US is 'Barge' glue, which I believe they use over there for shoe repairs?


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