Brad's Khaki Jacket (Research)

Most thrift store finds are going to have the knit ribbing on the cuffs and/or all the way around the hem (the familiar Members Only jackets of the 80s).  Center zipper up the front, large pointy 70s collars, and a western style yoke.

The burgundy patch says Denton High School 1963 around some sort of tree (apple?)

The yoke has a western style in front, but goes straight across in back.  You could easily fake this with two parallel lines of stitching or even a light brown fabric pen.  He has two double welt pockets  in the front, and just a short piece of rib knitting on the lower sides (hem).  The rib-knit is a darker khaki/brown than the jacket.  This could easily be inserted into any straight-hem style jacket, and when making this jacket I actually add it last.

The cuffs are the same twill fabric as the jacket, and are unbuttoned.  I can't actually see the button, but Jenny assures me they are a light tortoise-shell (like what you typically find on mens khaki pants).

I've had decent look finding workable vintage 70s jacket patterns on eBay.  You probably won't find the yoke or rib-knit feature, but you can find a straight-cut mens jacket with those butterfuly collars easily enough.

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  1. Great post! My boyfriend has been looking for Khaki guys jackets all summer, he really likes the vintage kind like the one you shared. I'm going to make sure to show him your blog, thank you for sharing this with us!