Frank's Shoes (Research)

Frank wears 4 pairs of shoes in the film; all of them are platforms with peep toes and chunk heels.

The first are the iconic "Sweet T" heels with the white glitzy heels.  They're platforms with a chunk heel and a rhinestone buckle.  It looks like a glittered base with a few scattered rhinestones.  If you're working with all-black shoes you'll want to paint the heel white before applying the white glitter, otherwise it will look splotchy.  You'll also want to shellac/clear coat them to reduce "shedding" - but do this in very light layers or it will turn yellow and dull.

Pleaser shoes have a "Dolly" series that all have the platform and chunk heel, but it's hard to find the right toe/heel combination.  Check or eBay.

The second, worn for the duration of the lab scenes up until the dinner scene, are almost identical, but without the white heels.  You can buy two pairs of the same "Sweet t" shoe, or you can devise  a removable white "heel cover" for Sweet T.

He wears boots with the dinner corset.  The boots are knee high, again with the platform and chunk heel.  His ankle bracelet is worn over his right boot.  They look 'skin tight' (stretchy?) and have lacing up the front back that wraps around and ties in the front - though a zipper has got to be in there somewhere.

And finally the floorshow heels.  They're similar to the Sweet T heels - but black with red rhinestones.  They also have a rhinestone buckle. The Anal Retentive Costume Site has photos of the actual shoe, which is more  helpful than any screen cap, and you can see how  the edges are scalloped.  You can also see where Sue Blane inserted some gussets in the side of the vamp to accommodate the width of Tim's feet, and may be done on the other heels as well.

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