Columbia's Tail Coat (Research)

Columbia's sequin tail coat is made with 'skip-a-row' wavy lines of sequin trim - I've seen this fabric backed with chiffon or with taffeta, and both will work.  In both versions the strands of sequin are applied with a chain stitch which makes the fabric vulnerable to snags.  The lapel  is the same sequin fabric in black.  It has a black lining, probably satin.  The tail coat is very fitted and has a high natural waist (ending above the bottom of her bustier) and the tails touch the back of her knees.

The direction of the sequins  runs vertically down her sleeves, and vertically at an angle on her back where there is a center seam.  They run vertically down her tails as well.  They run at an odd sideways angle in front though, and there is a bust dart in the side seams.

The lapel is attached so that the gold sequin fabric continues underneath the black and the piece simply folds open.  The tails overlap so that the right one is on top.  I think there may also be darts in the back centered above each tail.  There are 6 black buttons - 2 above the tails, and two on each front panel positioned at an angle from the center front corners.

I have blog entries on modifying a commercial tail coat pattern, and on maintaining the delicate sequin fabric.

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