Floorshow Corset

Here's my first proto-type floorshow corset.  I used cotton coutil covered with a bottom-weight (heavy) satin.  The edges are bound in double-fold satin bias strips.  13 grommets (set with an industrial setter) and a zipper in the back. It has poly-boning and is not intended to be tight-laced - as a zipper simply is not suitable for the strain of a tight corset.  The poly-boning is what you'll find in most store-bought bustiers - it's easy to find in mainstream fabric stores and easy to replace when it wears out.  You could also use flat steel boning - but with a zipper it would still be unsuitable for tight-lacing.

Columbia's corset ties at the top (pictured), though everyone else's ties at the bottom.  I used an assortment of flat and faceted sequins - though I'm glad to accommodate anyone's preference on the matter.  The sequins are glued on with jewel-it glue, though some people may prefer to sew theirs on themselves (that's a bit beyond my level of patience).  


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    1. I'm not taking commissions on this any more, but I was charging $175 with sequins.


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