Crim's Jacket (Research)

Spurred by a recent conversation on Facebook, here is my research on Crim's velvet jacket.  It's a pretty average gray color with wide black (or daker gray?) lapels.  The back of the jacket has a center seam and side vents.

The sleeves has three matching gray fabric buttons at each cuff.  The  jacket has only one button high across the waist, and it looks like it's a double style where the other button should theoretically go through another buttonhole on the other side.  He has a welt pocket for his white handkerchief on his left breast.  I'm sure there are people who have studied this far more than I have and welcome any comments below.

It's usually not too hard to find a vintage sport coat pattern on eBay - the collar is easy enough to extend, but look for the vents in back.

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