NYC & NJ Visit!

I'm excited to be visiting the NYC and Home of Happiness casts this weekend!  I may be renting a car at some point to get around between NJ and NYC  - I haven't figured that out yet.

Here's my trip itinerary  -
Friday, Sept. 30th
5:30 PM - Land at Newark
8:00 PM - Dinner with the NYC folks at Blossom (thanks Patti and everyone!)
10:00 PM - Drinks... somewhere?
12:00 AM - Rocky Horror at the Chelsea Clearview Cinemas
2:00 AM - Spending the night with  Dana.

Saturday, Oct. 1st
12:00 PM - Possibly renting a car.  I'll spend the afternoon visiting the garment district and tooling around lower Manhattan.  If anyone would like to do lunch in that area let me know!
8:30 PM - Dinner with HoH cast at Veggie Haven (thanks Dana and everyone!)
12:00 AM - Rocky Horror at the Bellevue Theatre  in Montclair, NJ

Sunday, Oct. 2nd
12:00 PM - 5:00 PMish  - Medieval festival at the Cloisters (free!)
7:00 PM - Dinner, anyone?
9:00 PM - Drinks?  Karaoke?
2:00 AM - Spending the night at Newark Hilton

Monday, Oct. 3rd
11:00 AM - Return to Houston

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