Columbia's Pajamas (Research)

The pajama top is very plain - no piping around the collar or front edges and no cuffs.  There a large rip across her left shoulder flanked by smaller rips, a couple smaller rips above her right breast, and I think about 3 small rips in a row below her right breast towards the center.  The collar is squared off.

The pants are a bit odd.  They definitely have two cords hanging down in front that would indicate a drawstring, but in Touch-a you can clearly see a side opening. I don't think it's a rip. I actually don't know what the hell it is - in the frame-by-frame I can't even see a clearly defined waistband. The leg length looks shortened to capri length with just a simple hem, again no cuffs.

Someone in the Rocky community has reproduced the striped fabric, and if I find the page I will post it - but it's on knit (and I believe her Pajamas to be the straight up traditional cotton kind).

Pajama patterns are common enough - just remember if you're cutting out stripes you may need extra yardage to lay everything out in the right direction.

Edited To Add:  Cosmo's Factory uploaded more amazing screen-caps from the Blu-Ray with incredible detail.  Thank you so much!


  1. Could it be a pocket or something? I'm not really sure because I don't really do much of my own research, I mooch off yours :D. But I did manage to make her tailcoat.

  2. That's a good possibility, I hadn't thought of that! How did the tail coat turn out? Sewing sequins can be a pain!

  3. It went well. I need to add buttons though. The only thing I can think of that isn't accurate is that there isn't a center back seam and the sleeves are two pieces instead of one. All of your tutorials and stuff REALLY helped! Also, it looks like there is skin under it, so maybe the pocket lining is torn out or something?

  4. There is no page for the striped reproduction pajama fabric, and I say this with certainty because my boyfriend is responsible for the reproduction. I'm not sure what the fabric is off the top of my head (fail), but it's definitely slightly heavier than her pajama fabric looks to be. It's incredibly cozy and durable, though, and highly unlikely to rip in places that you don't want it to.

    For anyone who is looking at this page and is curious, here are some photos of the fabric both on people and on its own:




    He really, really needs to set up a page for this, but in the meantime, he can be e-mailed at zephyrgoza@yahoo.com. I want to say that fabric is $30-something a yard...don't quote me on that, though. Ask him if you're interested.

  5. Thank you so much! Yes - the print is perfect. It's wide, too, I think?
    I thought maybe I had lost a link or lost my mind, thank you for that - if it's okay with him, I'll post a separate entry with the photos so they show up in the blog?

  6. It's more than okay with me! Each yard of fabric is something like 56" wide...I forget the exact dimensions, but you get plenty of it.

  7. How much per yard, and for shipping?


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