Frank's Garter Belt (Research)

 Frank's garter belt seems to be a basic rectangle, probably decreasing in the center back where it closes.  The top and bottom edges probably have some kind of elastic or channel on them, and there seems to be lace over much of the edge - torn off above his front right thigh.

The straps seem two-toned (good luck finding that) with adjustable clips (you can pilfer off a thrift store find) and silver garter clips with white rubber nubbins.

The lace looks quite faded and almost like a charcoal gray next to his black undies.  It has a medallion and diamond motif.



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  2. There is a great shot of the garter belt in the Mick Rock book. The top half of the garter straps is non stretch black, and the bottom half is a greyish blue elastic, looks like a white trolley garter strap that has been dyed to match but came out lighter. the straps overlap maybe an inch where they are stitched together. The dying would explain the white rubber grip on the end of the silver garter clips, as black garters would have a black rubber grip, Perhaps she wanted that small detail to show up on screen as opposed to a solid black column that meet's up with his stockings.

  3. Here's *my* question: where in the WORLD does one find lace like this??? I'm seriously considering taking up tatting out of frustration!


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