Magenta Dress Pleats

You can easily incorporate pleats to any commercial shirt-dress pattern of your choice.  Draw three parallel lines directly on the pattern about an inch apart - I'd probably put the first line about 1¾" from the pattern's center front. 

Cut on the 3 lines you drew on your pattern and lay the pieces out carefully with about 5/8" gaps between the pieces.  Use the pattern's waist line to keep them lined up evenly because the shoulder and neck lines will appear uneven.  I recommend taping down the pieces once you have them arranged.  With a tracing wheel and transfer paper, mark the center of each gap from shoulder to hem.  This will be the line you fold your fabric on to stitch down your pleats.  Sew your pleats just over ¼", then press (away from center front).

I finish my edges with single fold bias tape.  I tuck the loops into the edge about 2" apart.  The buttons are sewn closer to the pleats than the edge.

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