Transylvanian: Kimi Wong (Research)

I'm hoping to get through most of the Transylvanians, but I'm starting with Kimi because I've been working on this costume for myself.  Her tailcoat has burgundy peak lapels, and she has a 3-button white vest with wide, curved lapels.  Her lilac-purple shirt has french cuffs trimmed in lace, and I believe the buttons on the cuffs also have tassels.  Most of the Transylvanians have satin shirts, but hers isn't.  Her bow-tie is purple velvet - but looks quite dark in most of the film.  The Mick Rock book has the best photo of this, along with her red lucite rings and red rhinestone necklace.

Her hat is the most difficult.  It's kind of like a green miniature sombrero with a maroon band around it.  You're only options will probably be to make something yourself or improvise.  I attempted to deconstruct a braided straw hat and reshape it, but my initial efforts came out too big.  So then I just put an elastic strap on a green juicer.  Bring some vodka, we'll have a party.

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