Crim Ascot

This is my best guess at the design on the Criminologist's ascot. It's probably soutache stitched down, but since I don't have that kind of patience I worked mine out on the embroidery machine. The result is not as dimensional, but embroidery has one advantage: precision. Especially when you're dealing with a symmetrical design.

I experimented with both (this) red and burgundy velveteen, but the red shows off the design much better.  Look for this on my In Stock page, or contact me for purchase.  I have also provided my design on my Patterns page. You could easily create it with fabric paint, ribbon, or even sequins. 
1/2 yard red velveteen
1/2 yard lining (I used cotton)
2 large black round gems
1 package assorted black rhinestones
2 black tassels
1 package black seed beads  (hand sewn around the bottom edges)
e6000 or Gem-Tac glue


  1. What color is the lining? Black?

    1. I don't think I've ever seen the underside. I chose black because I sew the black beads on with black thread - so it looks nice from behind.


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