Frank's Dinner Corset

Parts of this are pretty straight forward, but I had to custom-design the embroidered overlay and corset which turned out to be a pretty extensive task!  I'm considering selling the overlay separate for people who want to use it on their existing dinner tops.

The chiffon base has shoulder pads and the is neck trimmed with narrow double-fold bias tape. The back opening has a tulle overlay before adding the buttons and corresponding elastic loops. The armpits and left elbow are "torn" (okay, I used scissors).

The embroidered overlay is metallic silver thread on black tulle, which was then applied to the bodice with spray adhesive and then tacked down by hand.

The corset was custom-drafted. It laces up the back but also features a side zipper. I cannibalized a velvet skirt for the fabric and flat-lined it with muslin. The eyelets in back were painted black.

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  1. OMFG WOW, this is spectacular!! i would definatly commission one of these from you (if they were available) The only thing i would say is that the cut out of the netting is a little to neat, on the screen version if looks really rough, as if frank had torn it from the original peice of clothing to attach to this. But that can be easily modified by the buyer :)


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