Garter Belt (Research)

I suspect the garter belt is some sort of (semi?) spandex satin. It doesn't look as stretchy as swimwear, but it's not the same satin as the corsets. I've seen another photo of Columbia in floorshow where hers looks stretched, too.

As for the straps, my best guess is that the red is pleated before being sewn onto (what is presumably) elastic. At least that's the method I'm going to experiment with first. I have a few more screen caps from the pool scene, and those definitely look pleated.


  1. You know, I finished the garter belt, but I think I'm going to need a LIVE model in black satin underwear to really photograph it properly...

  2. hehehe ide volunteer but i live in the UK, and am a bit on the larger side XD Im a fan of your on facebook hehe Andrew Davies-Land :-)

  3. Generally when it comes to garter straps such as this, the elastic is stretched over the ribbon (for sewing purposes only, it would be flipped ribbon side out when attached), and a zigzag stitch is used down the center, using the same colour of thread as the ribbon. It looks as though that's the method used for the garters in this case and turns out looking rather lovely. In theory, you could use ribbon on both sides.
    I hope that helps, one costume fanatic to another :D

    1. That's what I was thinking and the method I was going to use - cutting the ribbon longer than the elastic, and stretching the elastic as you sew zig-zag down center. Then when the elastic shrinks back, the ribbon crinkles on its own.

  4. The fabric looks as though it might be one of the stretchy faux-leathers from the 70s that were used for trousers, skirts, vests, etc. It had a fair bit of stretch and a semi-shiny finish.

    It didn't breathe at all though and was pretty miserable to wear.


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