Brad Bow Tie (Tartan)

This is my best guess at the plaid of Brad's bow tie. I may need to fatten some of the lines up. The problem is I haven't found any cost effective places to get it printed (most have a hefty set up fee). But I might try experimenting with some of those print-it-yourself fabrics on a home printer becauseI don't need very large pieces to make a bow tie.


  1. Hi Mina

    I found your website via Livejournal recently and I have to say, wow! What an incredible website!

    I'm trying to put together Wedding Brad and Lab Columbia costumes at the moment myself.

    If it's of any help to you, I'm just about certain that Brad's bowtie is Royal Stewart tartan and his cummerbund is Macintosh Modern. The Macintosh pattern seems to be pretty constant, but the Royal Stewart one varies a lot - do a Google Image search and you'll see yourself.


  2. Wow - the Royal Stewart is very close! But I couldn't find a version without white. I have a really nice set of Sharpie's though :)

    The Macintosh pattern looks spot on!

    Thanks so much for sharing those! I used to work for a school uniform company and I have a few dozen plaids STILL stuck in my head after all these years.

  3. You're right! That damned white stripe! Aberdeen University tartan looks close too, but it's not quite it.

    The "certain" part was the cummerbund and the "pretty certain" part was the bowtie. :-)


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