Rocky Wrap Tutorial

Finding a suitable fabric is tricky. You want something thin enough to maneuver around the cords, but not transparent. I used a satin cord in the tutorial because it slides out easier.

Materials used:
Muslin arm pad with fusible fleece layer for stability (18" x 3")
Satin cord (not screen accurate)
Length of 3" wide knit fabric


  1. I have a question. We did this for a few shows, and it would look great initially. But we had some trouble keeping them up on his shoulders. We actually ended up using some left over cord to pull across his back to keep it from falling, but that only did so much. Do you have any suggestions?

    1. I have no idea how I missed this comment from 4 years ago! I'm so sorry! I think the biggest problem is that Rocky was literally wrapped on the set before shooting... and shadow casts need a solution for someone that's going to be moving around a bit more before the scene. I'd try keeping it simple... like some safety pins that Columbia and Magenta can remove when he first "lands"?