Magenta's Crestina (aka Maid Cap)

Starting with Ruth's recommendation on the Anal Retentive Costume List I cut a 5" circle of my apron fabric (100% cotton curtain sheer) and added lace trim. Create your tucks (which will distort the circle slightly) and press.

For the bow I used a 25" length of fabric by 3½" wide. Sewn into a tube with ¼" seam allowance, with the corners mitered. You can trim the seam allowance narrower if you prefer. Tie into bow (this may take several tries to get the ends even) and secure.

If you prefer a narrower/smaller/shorter bow just adjust your measurements accordingly. The wig on this mannequin is shoulder length so it's not a great comparison. You can sew in a hair comb under the front, or just secure with some bobby pins through the holes in the lace.

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