Sequin Bow Tie

2 Satin Rectangles (5" x 8")
2 Sequin Rectangles (5" x 8")
2 Buckram Rectangles (5" x 8")
15" strip of black sequin elastic trim
5/8" Elastic 15" or longer (allow 2" to overlap)
Black satin cut 25" x 2"
2" of black velcro

I prefer a satin band to the sequins so that it won't chafe my neck or interact with the tailcoat's sequin lapel.

Shape your Satin and Sequin rectangles about 1" in on the long sides to reduce the bulk that will be gathered in the middle. Trim your Buckram rectangles more severely on the long sides.

Sew each rectangle set right sides together, then turn out. You can either leave an opening on the edge, or even cut a slit in the center back of the Satin. Have patience with the buckram when turning out.

For the neck band you can either trim your sequin elastic accordingly, or create a satin version as follows:
With the black satin, create your elastic casing. I used a 1/4" seam allowance to fit 5/8" elastic. Turn tube right side out and pull the elastic through. Turn your ends in, and stitch on the velcro.

Finish your bow tie by gathering the two pink bows and the neck band with a strip of the pink sequin fabric. The easiest way is to hold it tight and stitch it by hand.


  1. hi, first of all i love your site! and secondly, I was hoping to get some pink fabric from the site you recommended and was wondering if you knew what color of the Taffeta Back Sequin fabric you used for the bowtie.. it doesnt really show the colors and i do not know if i should go with the fuchsia one or the candy pink.. so if this is the fabric you used for this, what color did you choose? thank you. =)

  2. I buy my pink sequin fabric locally from Southern Importers in Houston. Theatre House in Covington, KY sells the Fuchsia for $19.95/yd on their website and it looks like the same stuff I used.


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