Brad's Boutonniere

This is an easy project, but you'll probably have to buy way more than you need to make just one. The fern leaves usually come in a big frond at the craft store, and the pin back usually comes in a package of 10. You'll also need a roll of florist tape. Hey, at least you can make a second one for Ralph!
My fern leaves are a bit oversized, but they look fine on stage. It's really up to you how many craft stores you want to drive to trying to find the 'perfect' fern leaves.

I trimmed some of the fern leaves off the stem to wrap. I usually do a preliminary wrap with the florist tape before adding the pin back. The florist tape will stick to itself when you pull it taut. You'll want the pin back near the top of the stem cluster, point down - and you know me and my e6000 - glue that thing down first! Then continue wrapping.

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