Columbia Tailcoat + Top Hat

My tailcoat is based on a modified version from McCall pattern #8701 - darts were removed, center back seam added, the 2 sleeve pieces combined into 1, lapels and tails were reshaped, and dropped in a full lining.

The top hat is store-bought and the fabric was applied in 3 pieces (top, side and brim). The black grosgrain ribbon hides the fabric ends.

Top Hat (Front)

Tailcoat (Front)

Tailcoat (Back)

Top Hat (Inside)


  1. Absolutely gorgeous. The hat is particularly impressive!

  2. Thanks Richy! I finally went back and blogged my hat details... only took me a few months!

  3. So I guess my first question is: about how much did you spend making this? I'm a columbia myself, and I may be entering into making this very soon.

  4. I've paid up to $80/yd for the sequin fabric and it usually takes me about 3 yards to make the tail coat and top hat if the fabric is at least 45" wide, plus a half yard of the black for the lapels. The hat form I use is $8, and the lining and buttons are negligible.

    If you're patient and resourceful you may come across the fabric on clearance. Dance shops often carry sequin fabric. I don't know of online sources anymore.. Magic Makers is out and I don't think they are going to reorder it. Larry is looking at the possibility of having it made (he has the bustier fabric). Fingers crossed!!

  5. Im an very interested in a Columbia costume, perhaps even purchasing the whole thing and have it made for me. I would love to make it myself but fear I never have the amount of time needed to be involved with making the costume. Any suggestions? Or can you help? Anything at all would be fabulous! I am in complete awe of you and your abilities! Way to go!


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