Magenta Apron - Part 2

I find it easier to prepare the pleated trim before attaching it to the apron. Stitch your pleats in even intervals and then press them carefully.

Magenta Apron - Ruffles

The square base of the apron is 14" wide by 12½", with the bottom corners rounded slightly. Sew the trim onto the apron with a ½" seam allowance - you may need to pay special attention to any pleats that coincide with the corners.

Prep your apron to be attached to the waistband by pressing the trim to the outside and pressing the double side darts across the top.

The waist tie can be as long as you like (I usually go for 2 yards) by 5" wide. With a ½" seam allowance; sewn into a tube it will be 2" wide. Leave an opening in the center of the waist tie to attach the apron and the straps. I recommend sewing the waist tie closed on the back side of the apron by hand, careful not to let the hand stitching show on the front.

Magenta Apron Waistband

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