Patterns are coming!

The original plan was to take some pattern and fashion CAD classes at the local college this Spring. Well, everything filled up in early registration before I got a chance to register and I'm not really keen on waiting another 8 months to try again next Fall.

So the new plan is to use the money I would have spent on the classes to just buy the software and equipment and get to learning on my own.

Right now I have a lot of patterns drafted in a lot of sizes. My end goal is to get those patterns on the computer and graded (sized). I'll work out the instructions and illustrations, and I'll create an online support resource for my patterns. Questions can be posted/answered to create a FAQs for each pattern so that I don't have to repeatedly answer the same questions, and also that I'll know where I need to update my pattern instructions in future printings. Writing out the instructions seems way more daunting to me than designing the patterns!

I'm hoping to have my most popular designs patterned in time for the RI con in August, 2013. Sometime later in Spring I'll be asking for pattern testers.

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