Frank's Shoes (Research)

These are the best screen captures I currently have of Frank's Sweet T heels.  Black glitter on the platform and upper, white glitter and rhinestones on the heel (I only see clear rhinestones on the heel, but I'll keep looking).  There are also black rhinestones on the vamp.  There is no glitter on the ankle straps.  Rhinestoned buckles.  The heels are chunky, but straight (good luck!)

His shoes in the creation scene are nearly identical except they are solid black with glitter and have a rectangular buckle (p. 137 of the Mick Rock book).


  1. Aren't the heels peep toe as well?

  2. Yeah, sorry - that's in the other two blog entries about searching for shoe styles (re: close heel, peep-toe), this was just how they were decorated. But yes, absolutely!


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