Space Suits (Part 1)

I use quilted lamé fabric from Hancock's. I trace out my general shape and add 1/4" seam allowance. With chalk and a ruler, I mark 2" from the edge and stitch (creating the "border). Then I remove all the stitches in the border with a seam ripper, carefully. You can also remove the stitches for the "designs". The front and back pieces are roughly the same, except the back doesn't have the side tabs and the neck hole is cut a little higher.

To get rid of the stitch lines, use a steam iron and pressing cloth (never let the iron touch the lamé directly).

Flat line the back with black fabric (I prefer cotton). Easiest thing is to apply some spray glue to the lining, then gently set the quilted piece on top of it. Trim the excess lining to match.

Apply the extra-wide bias tape all the way around the edges - be extra careful navigating the neck curves and inside corners (leave extra to turn under). Turn bias tape to the inside, press and stitch (by hand).

Add fabric-covered buttons to the shoulder and side tabs, and concealed snaps underneath.

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